What is Graphical Process Modeler In IBM Sterling B2B Integrator?

In Sterling B2B integrator is having a built in Graphical Process modeler for developing Business process models. This graphical process modeler is a Web-deployed graphical interface tool which can be used combination with Sterling B2B Integrator to create and modify business processes. The GPM transforms graphical business process models into source code,  which in turn gives us the advantage of not writing any code.

IBM sterling B2B GPM user interface

Using the GPM interface we can develop and create business process models, and can  coordinate the flow of activities in a graphical representation of the ordered steps. This GPM provides icons representing the services, adapters and Business Process Modeling Language (BPML) commands that make up process models. Using this interface we can configure related parameters through the GPM and develop rules and conditions within process models.
We have provision for authorize the process models and load them in to Sterling B2B Integrator from within the GPM.  GPM interface has its own Source Manager tool, which gives us the advantage of not accessing  the Sterling B2B Integrator interface while we work with business process model .  With this own source Manager tool, we have privilege to lock, load, check out  and monitor business process models according to date and time stamp.

The Graphical Process Model can identify BPML code written in a text editor. with this feature we can open .bpml file  created in a text editor and view its graphical representation. The GPM enables you to switch  the display between BPML and graphic view.
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